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Chamb said on 23 December 2012

Felt out of sorts from about midnight on (Today) Urgent need to go to the toilet, very watery stool and only one bout of vomiting which was (Thorough) Continued with diarrhoea for about 4 hours. Be very careful as the dehydration if very rapid and you may not be aware of the symptoms. At one point I started praying as I thought I was actually about to meet my maker (Not joking) 4 hour call back from NHS direct So spoke to a nurse at work who told me to drink plenty of water with a little salt and sugar added. Not to try eating foe 24 hours and that the worst symptoms for this virus may only last for about 12 hour ish-Longer for food poisoning type jolly s Salmonella , etc. Now very intermittent diarrhoea with vomiting. Now and just feeling drained Cant remember having felt so ill. Hope you get over it quickly.