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User712024 said on 21 December 2012

Second time this year have picked up Norovirus, this time including my husband. I am a frequent visitor to my wonderful NHS hospital, having a serious auto-immune condition which requires immunosurpression therapy and a load of other drugs alongside, and suspect this is where I picked it up. I am sorry to say that there are truly some shocking hygiene practices observed by some people, whilst visiting I went to the ladies, to witness not one, but two people visit the lav, and walk out without washing hands, and one of these ladies said to her friend on way out, I think I have an upset tummy, OMG! For goodness sake, what is wrong with people! After a visit on Tues of this week, Weds night, suddenly felt aches and pains, stomach gurgling, and awful acid reflux, the the shivers, and then for 36 hours non-stop relentless diarrhoes and vomiting of projectile variety, shjivers, temperature of 38.6, visual disturbances. Today 2 days later, D & V has subsided, but feel like I have been hit by a truck, fatigue and very weak. My husband recovered fairly quickly, but he is not immunosurpressed. Anyone with a serious medical condition that requires medication daily, please do not be afraid to seek help from your GP or NHS direct, they are always very helpful. Tips. Fruit ice lollies, boiled cooled water, rehydration sachet salts, no dairy products at all. And please unless a medical emergency, stay away from doctors surgeries, hospitals and vulnerable people, i.e.children or people with medical conditions like me. This is a nasty strain, and would appear to be very virulent. From now on, in hospitals, I refuse to use their sanitisers, sit and watch the people in waiting rooms use the loo, then just opt for sanitiser on wall, they have to touch the thing to get gel out!! Gloves and my own sanitiser in bag for me from now on.