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healy66 said on 14 December 2012

Hi fellow suffers. Yesterday 3.40 pm felt got a episode of burping then a sudden urgency to go to the toilet - well we all know the rest. I have had this last year but this episodes is not as bad so far. I find sipping flat diet coke at room temperature through a straw helps with the dehydration, I have also had some Paracetamol for the stomach pain and the pain from my upper rib area - it is like the nerve pain you get with chickenpox. A hot water bottle helps to sooth the stomach cramps. Hand hygiene is essential soap and water and dry your hands completely . Get plenty of rest . I have had some mashed potatoes and so far it has stayed down. Who ever is doing the washing the hottest temperature possible - you need to kill the blithers . Advised to stay off work 48 hours after last episoded of symptons.