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rationallawful said on 13 December 2012

After a gap of over a year the NHS choices webpage for homeopathy was restored to the website in November 2012, and the following should be noted: 1. The webpage correctly identifies the response from the Government which rejected the conclusion of the 2010 Science and Technology Committee (STC) Report recommending a ban on NHS homeopathy. What is new since then is the July 2012 in-depth (294 page) doctoral dissertation 'Evidence-based medicine, "placebos" and the homeopathy controversy' by Dr Andrew James Turner of the University of Nottingham freely downloadable from which concludes that the interpretation of "evidence based medicine" adopted by the STC in their attack on homeopathy was indefensible. As a consequence, the whole basis of the STC's inquisition into homeopathy in the name of science has now been seriously challenged. 2. The poll published in October 2012 in the Magazine 'GP Online' in answer to the question "Should homeopathic remedies be available on the NHS? " shows: YES 70.44% NO 29.56% 3. So Homeopathy is used by doctors, demanded by patients and enshrined as a right by the government. It is not a universal panacea (nor is any therapy or drug) but it is part of the solution not part of the problem, and when practised and integrated into medical treatment (as it is) by qualified medical practitioners time and time again it demonstrates that it is a safe, effective and excellent value for money therapy which can work when 'mainstream' therapies alone fail to work. The irrational and disproportionate attack on NHS homeopathy in the name of science does no credit either to science or to the NHS.