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Tri99er said on 09 December 2012

It all started on Friday night after eating dinner I had a night of severe stomach cramps (as I suffer from ibs I just thought it was that) Saturday morning I felt weak and still had bad stomach cramps. By Saturday lunchtime I had diarrhoea and felt faint. Saturday night I went to the toilet approx 11 times. At one point I sat on the loo seat for 30 mins and nothing (ibs sufferers know what that's like) then I went back to bed at which point I had seconds to get to the toilet. I tried to eat something on Sunday and really struggled. I think that's partly due to the stomach cramps as you just do not have any appetite. Luckily I am not vomiting so hoping I don't get that. This is most definitely the worst virus I have had. Does not help that I have a busy week at work but I can't risk going in. Seems silly but wipe down door handles at home as I didn't think of this until my mum mentioned it as mentioned it is highly contagious.