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vodkajelly said on 04 December 2012

This virus is nothing short of horrendous. I was struck down with it at a friend's wedding on Saturday, which was an hour away from home. At first I just felt full and uncomfortable, and thought I'd eaten too much. I went to the bathroom to try to make a bit of room so to speak, and ended up throwing up dinner. I felt better for about half an hour... then it very quickly got a whole lot worse. We were in the middle of nowhere and the taxi wasn't due for another 4 hours, most of which I spent in the bathroom being violently sick and with terrible diarrhoea. By the time the taxi turned up (there were a few of us travelling together and I suppose I soldiered on cos I didn't want to ruin anyone else's night), I was green. I had to get the driver to stop on the hard shoulder of the motorway so I could throw up again, and it took every muscle in my lower body to stop myself from having a very unpleasant accident at the same time. Once I got home it got worse, even the smallest sip of water would come straight back up again with barely any warning ('projectile' doesn't begin to cover it), the cramps were excruciating, and I was physically shivering so much the bed was shaking. I tried not drinking anything at all so there was nothing to come up but bile, but this just hurt even more, plus I knew I needed to try to stay hydrated so I drank some cold water very slowly. I was in the bathroom every 15-20 minutes for a good 12 hours. By this point it was just water and bile but even when I was 'empty' my stomach was contracting - 48 hours later I still feel like I've been beaten up. I've lost about half a stone - no exaggeration - in three days, I've not been able to manage more than half a bowl of soup in that time. I'm not even hungry. The only advice I can give to anyone suffering is that you just need to ride it out, there's nothing a doctor can do unless you find yourself getting dehydrated. It does pass, eventually, but just try to stay warm and hydrated.