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Jockmcblock said on 01 December 2012

Had a touch of the watery diarrhoea yesterday morning but thought that may have been due to a curry the night before. Travelled to Birmingham to meet family and on he journey up started feeling bloated which worsened until mid morning it felt like food poisoning (had salmonella in my teens). I ended up feinting in the street. I was helped to a portaloo where I had a massive bout of very watery diarrhoea and felt an immediate improvement but I was then attended by a paramedic and an ambulance crew who checked my blood sugars, temperature, heart, etc. The backs of my legs had that feeling you get after having really bad cramp and that is still with me today. I was quite shivery all the way back on the three hour train journey but a good nights sleep and some toast and tea this morning and although I have a bit of a headache and am still rehydrating I think I am over the worse of a very short but severe bout of this virus - touch wood. My heart goes out to those who are suffering for a longer period.