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Trev53 said on 25 November 2012

I felt I would like to share my experience of this awful bug. I care for my 85 yr old mother and on Thursday 3am she vomited excessively in her bed. She has Dementia as well as other problems. I cleaned her up as best I could. At 6am similar happened. I telephone a friend/carer who came round to help me. Mother had vomit all over her the bed linen was awful. We put my mother in another nightdress and hoisted her to her chair. My friend said she would call back later. My mother vomited a further 3 times and also filled her continence pad to overflowing. We then had another wash to do and my mother was hoisted to bed. It seemed she made a great recovery and other carers who help me remarked about how well she looked. Saturday evening, she completely filled her pad in bed to a point where the bowel movement was on my arms etc soaking the bed linen etc. I did have another carer ready to come in as usual and she was great, we managed to sort lots out. In all my years of caring for my mother ( I am male by the way) I have never seen anything like this. I did have contact with nhs direct and they were marvellous, the nurse spent time talking to me, even if it was 2am in the morning. We discussed symptoms of dehyrating. I obtained some Dioralyte which I think has helped. I have had a mountain of washing. I do not feel sorry for myself I just want my mother back to normal. With Dementia she is unable to tell me if she is in pain etc. I sympathise with those of you who have had or got this bug, but sparea thought for people like my mother who are unable to express their pain, there is always someone else worse off than ourselves. I am hoping to get a bit better nights sleep tonight, its Sunday and I have not had much sleep since Thursday when this bug started. Touch wood I have not had it. Would be pleased to read about any other carers in same situation.