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Ozzy O said on 21 November 2012

This has spread through 3 of our family in the past 2 or 3 days. I started with it on Monday feeling very tired and sporting a severe headache, blurred vision and abdominal cramps. I have now been sick about 14 times (Almost on the hour every hour); each time its 1 or 2 minutes of 5 or 6 violent ejections of manly fluid, the later just pure bile; I became unbearable hot and was sweating profusely . Also had many very watery bowl moments, extremely unpleasant odour. Was very wary of dehydration so started to try and drink water; stayed down for a while only to come back up again. The past few hours I have managed to take on some fluid; its stayed down. I still feel tired and sick and have no energy, bowl moments still very watery. Have had little or nothing to eat for 72 hours; don't feel like I need to. Have took the advise from this site and stayed away from work, the speed it went through our family is scary, would not want this in my place of work; a office apartment with 400+ people it could be horrendous.