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ilovemykittykat said on 19 November 2012

i have just recovered from this. nvr heard of it b4 now. but now i know what i had!!. my daughter had it three weeks ago, and i got it last week. now the husband has it. i had a badback for a few days beforehand, and achey limbs, then i woke up one morning last week feeling slightly off. i lay down on the sofa and had a few more hours, i was so weak, i couldn't had no energy to do anything. when i woke up after a few hours, i felt a bit queasy, and then suddenly this wave of nausea hit me, and i had to run upstairs as i knew i was just going to be sick. i was violently sick. it was absolutely awful. i was so bad, i couldn't keep even a sip of liquid down. i was throwing up bile until the point that my stomach was so empty it felt like it was tying itself in knots. i tried sipping hot chocolate, tea, and water but i found if i drunk liquids, even just sipping them, then i was throwing up every 15 minutes without fail so i avoided liquids, just to get past the throwing up stage, and i was still sick every 30 minutes - 1 hour. i was wretching so bad, when the diarrhea kicked in and i ended up having an accident. im so glad i was at home. my sickness lasted for 15 hours. i still felt nausious after this time, but i could by then sip water. i felt a whole heap better 48 hours later. just aches in my tummy muscles from throwing up so much. I never went to the doctors, i just assumed i had picked up a bug. now i am aware of this norovirus, i will be a lot more careful around those sicky people in winter. ps. i never took any anti sickness or anti diarrhea meds as i was under the impression that if your body has picked up a virus, then it's its way of flushing that virus out, from both ends. surely taking meds would prevent this happen and slow down recovery?? just my thoughts, i am not a doctor. i wish anyone who currently has this, or has someone in their family that has it, a speedy recovery. it is the worst i have ever felt in my whole entire life.