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khmp71 said on 18 November 2012

I work in childcare and we've had several children off with this recently so knew I was going to get ut, started Friday night 6pm with very sudden nausea and weakness, starte throwing up 9pm, went on all night. Feverish, wea,k, lying on the bathroom floor (husband had to carry me upstairs), in bed all day saturday just sipping water, taking paracetamol and eating grapes. Sunday lunchtime and just managed some toast although still feel very sick and a bit feverish. No diarrhea as yet. Will be staying off work for two days and praying my husband, 6 year old son and 2 year old daughter dont catch it. Whats made it worse is parents who send their children back to daycare too soon! Even a colleague who had it came back after 24 hours! Please do us all a favour and stay away as you are infecting others! 48 hours aftwr symptoms subside is the very minimum!!!