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SLees40 said on 12 November 2012

Could not resist sharing my story. I started off with the fever, aches and pains shortly followed. And within 24 hours the Vomit began followed by the Diarrhoea. The fever intensified, accompanied with aches, pains and stomach cramps. Could not get comfortable because the stomach cramps were constant and relentless. Luckily the D and V only lasted a mere 12 hours or so but for the next 24-36 hours I simply could not move. My body wouldn't function and there was intense pain all over my body! It is now Day 7 and although the main symptoms are gone, I am extremely dizzy, my eye sight is a bit blurred, and after returning to work today have just had to come home as I almost fainted. I just want it out of my system now but reading some stories that it takes over 2 weeks to clear!