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karen1977 said on 04 November 2012

I woke up at 5am Saturday morning with a wave of stomach cramps which was followed by diaroeah and violent vomiting. I returned to my bed and managed to doze off but woke to my partner being sick too! We have three children including a baby and have had to send them to grandparents to prevent them from picking up the bug. Both me and my partner were only sick the once but it was the aches and pains in our bodies that was worse! It was just like having flu! We both had exactly the same symptoms and couldn't physically get out of bed for a day. It seemed to be short lived though as we both feel much better today just tired and no energy. My little boy was admitted to hospital on the tuesday a few days prior to this and I stayed overnight with him. My partner was there all day too and we wonder if we picked up the bug from there as it was very strange that we had the virus at the same time!