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diclidophora said on 05 October 2012

Having regard to: If your GP refers you to see a consultant you may have a choice of a number of hospitals. You might want to choose a hospital that has better results for your treatment than others, or one near your place of work. Ask your GP for more information or search and compare hospitals using the Find and choose services option. I was referred to a consultant cardiologist in March 2012. I preferred my local hospital (an option on my appointments list), so they gave me an appointment in early September. The consultant missed the appointment by nearly an hour, so they have given me an appointment in December 2012. When I complained, they said they had offered me an appointment within 6 weeks at the main hospital (Musgrove Park), which is about 16 miles away (no buses), and that opting for the local hospital (and a lengthy appointment time) was 'patient choice' . I have a severe mobility disability (RA for 34 years). So much for NHS promises and the 'constitution'