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AdrianDerby said on 29 September 2012

I caught this virus at the beginning on the week, woke up projectile vomiting at 3.30am and didn't stop for 2 days, then the diarrhoea started as the vomiting stopped. 72 hrs of sleepless nights sweating, aching, pain like nothing I've ever had before. It's now Saturday, 5 days later I'm not in as much pain, I'm sleeping 5 hours a night but the diarrhoea is still there, water simply goes through me and I'm back on the toilet for 20 mins. I've forced Anti-diarrhoea tablets down me and Diralyte Natural, the most disgusting liquid I've ever tasted, but with all fluids coming out, i thought it's best to try and put some of my body salts and minerals back into my body. I still haven't eaten for 5 days, but I'm hoping the worst is over.