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User712024 said on 15 September 2012

On day 4 of what assume is Norovirus. Onset was rapid, within 2 hours of going to bed, awful abdominal pain, projectile vomiting and explosive water diarrhoea. I am on immunosurpressant therapy for systemic Lupus and Hughes Sydrome, and take a myriad of drugs to control this. I cannot remember ever feeling as ill as this, yes the vomiting has subsided, diarrhoea not so, and I have been passing blood, some frank, some which looks older. Am exhausted, no appetite, but I am keeping myself hydrated with Dioralyte rehydration sachets. Stomach is bloated, uncomfortable, and have had some serious dizzy spels. I will be phoning my GP on Monday for advice, I have not left the house, as I know this spreads like wildfire. Have read other comments here, and this seems like a very agressive strain. L