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lazaruus said on 13 September 2012

Many Thanks to those who have had the courage to openly talk about the horrors suffered to the unfortunate few that have had severe side effects. My deepest sympathies to you ALL, especially your young loved 1's. Reading your harrowing accounts helps enormously to balance a parents judgement :-) Despite ALL of the posts made by "pro jabbers" the maths for me is simple : "risk life changing effects on your 12 year old in order to prevent them from the extremely unlikely event of getting cervical cancer between the ages of 12-18". I am not only bemused by this need to vaccinate the very young against an illness they are extremely unlikely to develop in the timeframe it protects them against it, but frigthened by "anyone" trying to callously & without any sympathy for those who do suffer extreme effects, convince me that it makes any sense at all ? I see the following as facts : A letter of consent asks me my permission, then takes great pains to explain that it is irrelevant anyways, citing reference to a court case that has absolutely nothing to do with vaccinations. It uses very strong threat that my decision will be overruled anyways no matter what I decide, and peer pressure & threat will be applied to any 12-14 old that refuses the jabs without any protection from me. "This tactic is very worrying ?" Is this what "vaccination has become now ... A threat ?" I'd like to know how many 12-16 olds develope cervical cancer WW, and offset this number against those who suffer terrible side effects. My 12yr old daughter has a 0.001% chance of ever developing cervical cancer, and no chance between 12-16. She has a 10% chance of being quite ill for a few days, 1% chance of being very ill, 0.1% chance of being very ill for a long time, and 0.001% of ending up disabled by it. No one has numbers yet for those who are disabled now that will remain disabled for life :-( Yours Lazarus