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MicheleS said on 06 September 2012

My sister called the 111 number last night after pouring scalding hot water on herself due to wrist problems because of carpal tunnel. She was asked a load of questions before they even asked her what the problem was. She is an amputee and in a wheelchair and the water went all over her lap and leg. She had people pouring cold water on her to help the burn. When the ambulance turned up it was a volunteer driver with no pain relief with her, she didn't know my sister was an amputee and couldn't take her anywhere! After 2 hours and being assessed 3 times by the people at 111 this is who they sent. They then sent another ambulance but they wouldn't help her, told her to take paracetamol for the pain. She couldn't travel without pain relief, they wouldn't even give her gas and air. They said if it was a deep burn the nerves would be fried and she'd have no pain. They were less than sympathetic to say the least. My sister now has blisters on her one good leg and spent the whole night in agony and all she could do was put cold, wet tea towels on the burns. You wouldn't put an animal through that so why is it acceptable for my sister to go through it? This is disgraceful and I cannot understand what this service is supposed to be for if not to bring relief and provide some level of care?!