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PatienceRunOut said on 18 August 2012

I had an op for acid reflux 3 years ago, which was unsuccessful and cannot be reversed. I have been taking a very large dose of lansoprazole (60mg/day) for last 2 years - the only treatment offered since the op was unsuccessful. This is not really working and I have chronic unremitting acid all day every day. I have had chronic diarrhea (2+ years), but huge flare up in the past month put me off work for the past 4 weeks. I have had to go back to work despite this continuing. Pain and distension severe especially after meals. Low folate and B12 on blood tests. GP says its IBS. I feel really angry and do not believe this diagnosis, considering the severity of symptoms and implications of untreated reflux as well as the oedema in my ankles that go over the tops of my shoes by the afternoon. Have to continue working, so half the night is spent in the toilet followed by a full day of work ,leading to exhaustion and sitting at desk with stomach swelling 3 inches after lunch and unable to move with the pain. I am so worried I will be disciplined or sacked as I can't do my work or concentrate at all. Is this GP utterly incompetent, cruel and lazy or is he right? How do I cope with work that includes a lot of travelling on trains and early starts/late finishes? Worried about getting dismssed if I take more time off (prior to past month I have taken no time off for over 1 year, but work is draconian on sick leave). Is this really a case of just bog off and shut up - which is basically what I feel is being said? Is this actually IBS or just an excuse to get me out of the surgery and fob me off because he can't be bothered and doesn't want to spent any money finding out / then having to actually treat me? Is this a case of a GP having the power to withhold diagnosis / treatment just because he doesn't like me? In desperation I have decided to go private ,but I still had to get him to send a letter to the private hospital.