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Sophie001 said on 01 August 2012

I caught glandular fever just before I went on holiday to Croatia last year. My throat was covered in white dots but I thought it was just tonsillitis which I have had numerous times so went on holiday all the same. On the first day on my holiday my tonsils swelled up so large that they were near enough touching each other and were coated completely white. I could hardly get up or move, my temperature was in it's high 40's, I was constantly tired and couldn't eat, drink or swallow so my family got really worried and decided to take me to a doctor at the airport where I was given a drip for the first time because I was so dehydrated and my blood was taken. I hated needles so much but I was so weak I couldn't really care. I then went back to the hotel and managed to fall asleep. But the next day I was still just as bad. Every night I had to get my tea taken up to my room because I couldn't walk far. I soon had to go back to the airport hospital and the nurses were even more shocked at my symptoms. They injected me with a thick antibiotics in one of my bum cheeks and said I would have to go to the main hospital to see a specialist. The next day when I did my bloods were taken (was hard because my veins were hard to find) and dripped again. My spleen had become 4cm bigger than usual, I had the start of pneumonia in one of my lungs, an upper respiratory infection and fluid around one of my ovaries. My tests came back to say that I had a very bad case of glandular fever which only 10% of people who get it actually suffer. In total I was dripped 3 times and I lost count of how many bloods were taken. I had an ultrasound and x-rays. I had to be transported in a wheelchair. How I was treated in Croatia was better than how I was treated in the UK as they acted as though they didn't care. Glandular fever left me with IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) and doctors at the start told me I could not have it since I was in my teens. But turns out I have it.