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davebluez said on 01 July 2012

Hey folks, just wanted to reassure anyone who is searching this site for info because they think they are dying (as I did) that this awful virus will pass, and, for most, sooner than you can imagine, considering just how terribly ill this makes you feel. This virus totally removed me from the land of the living for around 36 hours. I couldn't eat (didn't want to) couldn't keep the slightest sip of water down, and my battered body felt like my parachute had failed to open. And my testicles..., for the men out there, it felt like a giant had booted them up inside me (you know that feeling!) and that awful nauseating testicle pain stayed that way for 36 hours, along with the fever - massive burning sweaty highs to instant shivering lows - the constant joint aching, dizziness, totally spun out, vomiting, the runs. One of the frustrating things for me (other than that fun stuff above) was that at no point during the 36 hours (all awake, by the way) could I focus on watching or reading anything by way of distraction, it just made me feel more ill, it's like this egotistical virus wants you to think only of it and nothing else. Anyway, my point in writing this is to let you you know that it's now around 60 hours after I felt the full force of Evil Dr. Noro and I'm feeling so much better. Still a little light-headed, and maybe just a little punch-drunk, but nothing negative, no feeling ill, no nausea, all the bad stuff has just disappeared as if it was all a nasty dream. To the point where I almost feel a bit fraudulent claiming how terribly ill I was feeling - it's almost like it didn't happen! So, there you go. Take heart you poor sufferers! It's absolutely God-awful to experience, but it will be over for most of you before you know it. Hey, and your skin will feel better after all that sweating, plus you'll have dropped a few pounds. Can't be all that bad, really, right? Right! :)