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User686487 said on 15 June 2012

I'm currently suffering from this just now. Been over 24hrs since I first exploded with sickness and diarrhea. Within 30mins my stomach contents were totally emptied, Because I was badly dehydrated I started guzzling water like no tomorrow (Big Mistake.). All that did was make it worse and the water was brought straight back up again or out the other end. A family member decided to phone the hospital because of how bad of a condition I was in, Couldn't move, Had the shakes, Had the virus for over 10hrs and was very tired, Couldn't sleep a wink because of the aches and pains on my whole body. They informed me to take small sips of water at a time and just let it run its course. But the best advice in my opinion was the ice lolly, Had 1 and 2 paracetamols and slept like a baby. The ice lolly may not work for everyone but it worked wonders for me, kept me hydrated and I think the chill from the chunks of ice I was swallowing helped calm my stomach pains. With all that being said, This is the worse I've ever felt while being ill and wouldn't wish this on my enemies.