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andy559 said on 14 June 2012

I have been off work for getting on for 2 years, due to a lower back problem, As with Elabren's comment of Mar 2012, I told my GP that i had private health insurance, I was told not to bother with that because i would be seen quickly, at first things did go quick, I was diagnosed with sciatica, and referred to physio, this wasn't working, two months later i was referred to a speicalist, again i told them i had private health insurance and again was told not with that, the appointment within three weeks, he referred me for a scan, told not to bother with private health insurance, the scan came through quickly, and a further follow up appointment came through, the scan did not show anything conclusive, i was referred to a lumber bone speicalist, again impressively the appointment came through within weeks, he told me it looked like my L5/LS1 joint in my spine had no gap in it and the joint was rubbing, suggeted I may need to have a bone fusion operation, but before that he would referred me for a flouriscopic fetal joint injection in my lower back, to work out whether it was that joint, I had the injection on the 1st Dec 2011, there was a month where i had to fill out a pain chart, and send it back to the hospital, then a follow up appointment would be booked, the hospital recieved my pain chart on the 6th Jan 2012, and despite 9 phone calls to the hospital 7 times having to leave a message, and the hospital not calling back, and twice being told we will look into it, I am still waiting for my follow up appointment, that is now 24 weeks. This is the NHS who are working hard for me to be seen as soon as possible, when it is conveinient to me, i don't think so.