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BHPearl said on 09 June 2012

My aunt was living with my family quite happily until a year ago when she had a stroke. Now she is in a nursing home and requires the same scale of intervention she had in hospital. Nobody told us about CHC but I found out about it by accident and applied. My aunt's hospital nurse described her as very high risk and very high dependency and she scored 1 severe, 3 high, 3 medium and 3 low needs. However, our PCT requires 5 high to go with the severe before they grant CHC. They do not consider that 3 medium needs plus 3 low needs is the equivalent of 2 high needs, which surely they would if they really looked at her case holistically.. They also manipulate the scores by saying that if you have a loss of cognition you cannot also have a behavioural need or you cannot have needs in ASC if you have high mobility needs. The matron of my aunt's nursing home say they rarely award unless a priority need presents for breathing or behaviour. My aunt has a severe loss of cognition, cannot communicate, is prone to strokes, cannot use a lavatory at all, even with help, cannot walk, cannot sit in a normal chair, cannot eat normal meals, takes a cocktail of drugs that are administered by an RGN, suffers from halucinations, is at risk from skin from skin lesions because she is diabetic and exhibited behavioural problems in hospital and we still can't get CHC. It's a joke. The ultimate irony is that at ther recent IRP the representative of the PCT said that the local authority agreed that she didn't have a health need. Of course they do because they are only paying £30 a day for her care home. The balance, £50 a day, is paid by my aunt, her sister, NHS Nursing allowance and the charity who runs the home she's in. It's a travesty. Next stop Ombudsman.