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kay90 said on 05 June 2012

After reading all the comments on here I thought I'd share my story and also ask for any advice. I am currently going through this awful virus. Started on thursday i felt very hot then cold, same on friday. On the saturday I had diarrhoea, had to get medical help as nearly fainted, after 2 paracetamol and a drink of water felt ok.. until that night, i felt very cold and couldn't stop shaking, i then went to the toilet and was violently sick, this lasted for 24 hours, once the bile was up i took pepto-bismal which cured the sickness.. then the diarrhoea started again. its now Tuesday and i have had diarrhoea 19 times everyday, no food is staying in and i have lost 8 pounds :( Went to the hospital and was told i was in need of sachet's that help hydrate and have pills for the pain these work however still having the chronic stomach cramps and diarrhoea. Going on holiday on saturday and would really like to be free from this nightmare. can anyone please help ? also any tips on what food can help, tried the bread, brown rice and bananas?