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Hacawick said on 23 May 2012

If this really is an issue of money them let's just stop treating people who have chosen not to take care of themselves all their lives. If you choose a bad diet and choose to smoke then maybe the NHS should choose not to treat you? But surely that would be taking peoples choice and right to health away from them? Yes it would and it would be wrong, and its wrong to deny people choice of treatment when they pay into a system. The government wastes millions every year! So let's not pretend that this is about the NHS spending money on Homeopathy. Its about Homeopathy being a massive threat to the pharmaceuticala companies. I believe in conventional medicine and complimentary, as they both have their place. Its sad that they can't just all work together. Homeopathy works, I don't even care how or why, but conventional does too and I also don't know how or why.