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butterfly1960 said on 12 April 2012

Hi there! Thanks to Caz5052 (12/2/12) I have just had an awful couple of months, still have painful joints. Atlast I had a blood test that came back as menopausal!! My male dr not too bad as they go! I had been taking Norethisterone to control irregular heavy painful periods. When I missed a few periods i a row, dr suggested I stop tabs and see what happens.... that was last August 2011. Since then the painful joints have been getting worse, and I had to give up my parttime work which I loved. I have been taking glucosamine sulhate but didn't notice any improvement. Then tried flaxseed 500mg capsules (suitable for veggies!) no improvement to the pain but less stiff!! My dr has recently prescribed HRT and I take Elleste Duet 1mg daily tab (Memory shot, so my husband reminds me to take it!!) I have been given a 3 month supply to try.... apparently I should notice an improvement in everything in a few weeks!!! Ladies watch this spot!! I will keep you informed how I get on! Good luck to you all with your troubles and woes! x