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alison777alison said on 11 April 2012

I have been unable to control my bowel movements for 3 years. It started one day when I got on the train to work, and I felt my stomach rumbling. I got off the train at the next stop and started to walk home. Half way home, I couldn't help myself and ending up pooing myself (diarrhoea). I thought it was something that I'd eaten the previous day/night, and phoned in sick to work. The following week, the same thing happened, but I couldn't get off the train, as we were between stations. Luckily enough, the train was quite empty. I was extremely embarrassed and got off the train and got someone to pick me up. This then happened nearly every day for about a month, so much so that I started driving to work, and taking 2 Imodium every morning (and taking clean clothes and wipes in my car). I did not have any diarrhoea episodes, but the thought of public transport was too stressful, just the thought of it made my stomach twist! I made a doctor's appointment, and he sent me for tests (Coeliac, Chrohns and cancer, which were all clear, thank God), and I was finally diagnosed with IBS. I learnt to control my 'episodes', and if I was going somewhere where there was not a toilet, I made sure that I sat on the loo at home until I 'go', and I took an Imodium. About 6 weeks ago, I made an appointment with my new doctor, and explained my symptoms. He recommended Amitriptyline. He said that this can calm down the signals sent from the brain to the bowel, as I think myself that I was just scared incase I had an accident, and this was making my stomach go funny, not the need to actually go to the loo. I am delighted to say that for 5 weeks I have not had any 'episodes'. Whether this is due to these tablets, or because I know that I am taking them, but either way they seem to be working! I am much more relaxed in myself, although I do still take an Imodium if I know that I am going on a long journey without access to a loo! I hope this helps xx