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rubynolegs said on 09 April 2012

I was passing blood in stools and did not need the TV adds to tell me what was what. I called the GP to be told not to take a sample in and to do urine instead. I was shocked as care was so poor that i paid privately to have Adenomas removed 2 years previously. I took a visibly blood stained sample to the surgery and a urine one. I got the results back and there was blood and other things in my urine. I was asked to do another. I did. Following week the results were the same...I was asked to do another. I am not doing one and see the GP to ask for a referal to a urologist as it says on this NHS site. The stool sample??? accident at reception i found out that the GP destroyed it.....guess who is taking this legal now, as no one listens, even though i have shrunk from a size 20 to a size 6 and in 2 years no treatment has been offered. Do you think there is a bit of educating needed to help GP's when they treat their patients??? I do...