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ShadowAngel said on 07 April 2012

I had / have the following symptoms, swelling, redness, oozing, cracking, stinging, itching, blisters and scaling. I saw a dermatologist who advised me that I had Atopic Eczema. Having had Eczema as a baby I knew what Eczema was and this was not. After further investigation and patch tests I can now confirm that I have sever Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Hexhavalent Chromium VI. This mainly affects the hands and can only be confirmed with a patch test. Once you have this condition it is irreversible. This comes from Cement Dust. I was exposed to a building site for more than one year, who did not contain their dust and has resulted in this condition. As a result if I am near any building site or where people are working with cement (wet or dry) the allergy takes over. Allergic contact dermatitis: Hexavalent Chromium in wet cement may cause allergies in some people. The cumulative effect of daily exposure may take months or years to cause a reaction. Chrome sensitization is irreversible. Sensitized individuals must avoid contact with any cement, wet or dry. Symptoms appear much like chronic irritant dermatitis, with swelling, redness, oozing, cracking, stinging, itching, blisters and scaling. The above article is how I was able to get the right patch test done for me. If there is anyone out there who is currently living near to a building site or near a building site and the symptoms are worse. Please ask your Dermatologist to test you for this. I am currently next to a Demolition site and my allergy has started all over again. The dermatologist who tested me says that it is not something that he has thought of and is now re-testing some of his patients. There is no cure for this all you can do is stay away from Wet/dry cement, the more you are exposed the more it is likely to flair up and the more pain you will be in. An Ice Block does help to relieve the pain. The Best Solution would be for builders to contain the cement dust which is airborne.