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BrianJones said on 29 March 2012

It may seem surprising to those unfamiliar with the placebo effect, but it is entirely possible that it could remove the symptoms of hay fever. Good quality reliable research comparing homeopathic remedies with placebo show there is no difference in their effect - so the remedies have no specific action beyond the placebo effect. This is the conclusion of the report linked to above. Using homeopathy for a relatively minor condition such as hay fever is unlikely to cause direct harm. The real risk is when homeopathic remedies are relied on for serious illness, in place of effective treatments. People can and do suffer or die unnecessarily in this way - including children. Homeopathic theories are based on pre-Dickensian beliefs of health and illness - and reject or ignore many of the advances in understanding and knowledge of the past 200 years. Many homeopaths undermine the work of the NHS with claims that modern medicine (in particular vaccinations and drugs) cause more harm than good - and deny the progress that has been made in healthcare. They also promote theories that undermine the work of the NHS, impeding the hard work of the many dedicated health professionals seeking to improve healthcare, and their misinformation confuses attempts to educate people about health and illness. I do hope that revised advice on homeopathy on this page will provide real choice, by making clear the lack of evidence for homeopathy and its risks.