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Powellm said on 24 March 2012

I made an appointment with my doctor 2 and a half years ago to check I was up to date with my immunisations because I was planning a family. I knew that my parents had not had me immunised against some diseases (I don't know why they made that decision) and I explained this to the doctor. I had a blood test, and was told I was ok and up to date. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and have found out that I have never had the MMR jab or had measles. I have no immunity to measles at a time when cases are being reported across the UK. I feel very worried, there is nothing that can be done now, and the consequences for an unborn baby are horrific. I just have to hope I don't come into contact with it. I asked the doctor today why this was missed when I made my appointment over 2 years ago. They said "we don't offer the MMR to adults, try not to worry and avoid children". I just wanted to add this, incase any other responsible mum to be books an appointment to check immunity, don't rely on the doctor looking at your notes, be pushy if you have to and make sure you spell out what you want.