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Smallie said on 21 March 2012

I've come across this page only because I googled Homeopathy after being on mixed pollens for the past 3 weeks. After reading all the comments slagging it, I just had to write my perspective. I never really knew what homeopathy involved, just that it was an alternative to traditional medicine. I've lived in the UK for the past 4 and a half years after moving here from Canada. I've also suffered from seasonal allergies or hayfever for the past 20 or so years. Before I moved over, I had managed to maintain a good handle on my hayfever in Canada, but since my move here, it's been so much worse. Chalk it up to new strains of trees and plants and grasses that my body isn't used to, but my symptoms are far worse here, and definitely more unbearable. They also start off earlier in the year like in March or April once the cherry blossoms appear. I'm not a fan of taking anti-histamines or any kind of allergy drugs, but have done just to eleviate those really bad horrible days when your just want to pull your nose out of your head. About a 3 weeks ago, I had made an appointment in the afternoon to confirm my pregnancy. It was a warm morning and right off the bat I started sneezing, my eyes were itchy and my throat was scratc.hy. I knew right away that it was my allergies acting up already, and I thought, What am I in for if I'm pregnant and going through morning sickness and hayfever at the same time! I asked the doc about my pregnancy is whether I could take anti-histamines or if they were a no-no. They are a no-no and she said my only option was to try homeopathy and wrote me a note to take to the chemist. We went there straight away and purchased a little vial. I started taking them on March 2nd and haven't looked back. They work! They're the only thing that has worked since I've been in the UK. And I'm sorry, but it's not a placebo cause if your eyes are itchy, your nose is runny, and your throat is scratchy no amount of sugar pills will cure that!