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Elabren said on 13 March 2012

Interesting to note the comment from 'welsh person' in August 2011. In December, after coughing up a blood clot I was sent to a hospital for chest X-ray - which came out clear. GP said would write to consultant to see if he thought it worth seeing me anyway. I told her I have private healthcare insurance but she dismissed this and insisted on my going to a particular consultant on the NHS. I was kept waiting in an overcrowded waiting room at the hospital for 1,1/2 hours past my appointment time. I was told at the last minute that there would be a trainee in on the consultation. I tried to object several times but my objections were ignored. The trainee stared at me throughout the consultation. The consultant was overbearing and patronising - I reached a state of near hysteria but was bulldozed into agreeing to a bronchoscopy the following day. Next morning I rang and cancelled, saw a private GP a few weeks later as no longer trust the NHS one, and got a referral to a consultant of my choice. Will never trust the NHS again. I should never have been bulldozed into going along the NHS route AFTER I told GP I had private insurance. Patient choice? Laughable if it wasn't so tragic!