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nopainatlast said on 26 February 2012

I first had backache at the age of 35 after the birth of my third child and progressively it got worse through the years as sciatica, neck, shoulders, knees were added to the repertoire. I visited the GP, the specialist, several physios to no avail. At times it seemed like there was a knife lodged in the middle of my back, the pain was so intense. By the time I had to walk my child to a nearby school it seemed like there was glass powder lodged in my knees. X rays were taken and I was told that my knee cap was worn out (!) and several vertebrae were arthritic. I had good times and bad but after my shoulders seized up and I could not move my arms further than my side towards the back, I finally decided to try a chiropractor who after several sessions completely helped eased my muscles and joints. For good measure, I also went on a nutrition course and learnt to separate natural foods from the chaffe. During the course I also learnt that having poisonous metals in your mouth is not a good idea so I had all the amalgam removed by a specially trained dentist who took many precautions while extracting the mercury. Since than for the last couple of years, I have not had a need for going to the doctors for any reason, touch wood. And now at the age of 60, I have no pains anywhere whatsoever and can enjoy building elaborate train sets with my grandchildren and walk all day if I feel like it!