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Karnelle said on 24 February 2012

My mother had to go to bed early on Sunday night with an uncomfortable tummy and it was making strange noises. However Monday and Tuesday we went to work as normal thinking little of the tummy pain. On arriving home on the Tuesday my mother was in agony with her stomach (sharp pain) since then she has vomited but that lasted one night. she also has severe diarrhea and has to go (35-40 in 2 and a half days - which is no mean feat as our bathroom is downstairs). she struggles to regulate her temperature and has a headache. (the diarrhea came on first) I began to feel the symptoms at the same time as my mother and I am sure i have this infection but my symptoms are different to that of my mothers. I have the sharp stomach pain, my stomach also makes very odd gurgling noises, I cannot regulate my temperature very well, I have a headache, my arms and legs ache, my eyes burn and i often rush to the toilet. However I have no sickness or diarrhea, when i go to the toilet nothing happens. We have both had this infection for 4 days now and it is still here. We are drinking plenty of water and only eating soup and a boiled egg on toast so far. I feel for anyone who has the Norovirus as we have both (like many others) have not felt so drained and ill for a long time - years even. Get well soon to everyone who has this illness!!