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Riss said on 18 February 2012

Hey, I had the Implanon bar inserted in January in Australia. I had continual light bleeding for two months and was going to have it taken out before it stopped altogether. When i was in Laos I had a fall down a mud bank and noticed that the bar now has a sharp bend in the middle. The day after I noticed I had a very dark, nearly black discharge, and this lasted a few days, the same a month later. I didn't worry about it too much as I figured that I hadn't had my period in months so this could explain it. When I got back to Aus in Sept I went to the doctor and had an ultrasound on my arm and was told that it was still very straight and there were no breaks (which would mean it was ineffective). Despite that I can easily feel a definite bend I accepted this and continued unprotected sex with my bf. Now I am in the UK, haven't had my period or any strange discharge since. I noticed a few weeks ago that my stomach has grown, it is not squishy but quite hard, I am normally very thin and struggle to put on weight, so now I am concerned, and am basically asking is it possible that i could be pregnant?