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nikkihay said on 11 February 2012

Hi Ladies, I am going through this too, I had my implants done in 2003, I have had lots of problems with them, from about 2yrs after till now, they are lumpy, flat in places and often feel sore, they don't look even but don't seem deflated. I went back to see my surgeon when I first noticed the problem and was told it was due to me losing weight! I had maybe lost between 7-14lb at the most! He said he would replace the worst one of the 2 but couldn't guarantee that they would be ok or look even. So I just felt fobbed off, a year or two ago I noticed more lumps which seem to be separate from the implants so went to my GP who told me it was more than likely just down to the implants and that if I had concerns I should go back to the surgeon who put them in. fobbed off once again. I just went away in the hope I could one day be able to afford to get them replaced without crippling my family financially. After all the media reports my husband has been asking me to contact the clinic and see if I have PIP implants, I heard back from the clinic to confirm I have on Tuesday. They said I need to arrange an MRI scan myself either pay for it or wait for one on the NHS then I have to take the results to them and if I have ruptured implants they will replace them for £2k and if they are not ruptured it will be £3k. I have been to my GP yesterday who has referred me to a breast reconstruction clinic for an MRI but he said there could be a long wait due to the amount of women who have PIP's. It is so worrying and seems that we have all been let down terribly by the government and the private clinics. I just pray that these don't cause long term or permanent health problems.