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chloe1994 said on 11 February 2012

What happens to us ladies who have had PIP Implants done by a private sector and that particular company has now gone into liquidation? Who is it all done to?? How do we get out of the mess that we are all in! Is it all down to us ladies to pay out yet again to have proper medical grade silicone implants and have the industrial silicone implants removed? As far as i am concerned it is not down to us at all. We all paid good money to the private sectors so why should we pay out yet again, surely these private sector companies must have some sort of insurances in place just incase things go wrong! The latest is some private clinics want us women to sign waivers before more surgery, this means that then these private companies are not responsible to us women if things then go wrong. I think they have all got a cheek! We all paid good money to the private sectors so it is down to the private clinic's to Remove the PIP Implants and Replace! As far as i am concerned it is down to Medical Group to remove and replace my implants! All it seems to me is these private clinics do not seem to careless about any of us and all they want to do is put their hands out for more and more money for removal and replacement. I think it is a disgrace and they should not beable to get away with it. As far as i am concerned the private sectors are responsible, the government and the department of health are all to blame for this. It is about high time this whole mess was sorted out and that all us women are treated fairly and with compassion, not ignored and pushed aside. I think it is also discusting that these PIP Implants had been put in women who have had breast cancer, how disgraceful is that. Its about time the department of health, government, private sectors all took responsibility for their actions, or lack of actions!