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Charles Draper said on 02 May 2009

(1/2) I too am worried by the NHS's decision to fund and promulgate information regarding homeopathy and similar alternative health treatments. Rigorous meta-analyses have shown homeopathy to be no more effective than placebo treatments, and have in fact revealed an inverse correlation between the methodological quality of studies and the observed effectiveness of homeopathy. In other words - sloppier studies were more likely to show that homeopathy worked. The above article is also misleading in that it suggests homeopathy is some sort of herbal remedy. While many plants have been shown to posesses medicinal properties, homeopathy relies on the notion the these properties can be increased by dilution with water, often to a level at which no molecule of the material is likely to remain. There is thus no plausible mechanism by which homeopathy could work, unless one rejects everything that we have learned over the last 200 years about physics and chemistry: namely, that matter is made of atoms, and that the properties of matter - including its chemical and biological effects, depend on its atomic structure. There is simply no way that an absent ingredient" could have a therapeutic effect. High-quality clinical trials find no difference between homeopathy and placebo because homeopathic remedies *are* placebos. (So homeopathic remedies are not just useless but also harmless, unlike conventional or herbal medicines. There is no danger of an overdose!).