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roo7 said on 07 February 2012

i had been to visit an ill friend on sat afternoon and felt fine until monday at 2.30 am when i woke with my stomach grumbling and soon had to make a quick dash to the loo where i was violently sick. i was up and down until 1.30pm that afternoon with sickness and diarrhoea every half an hour,it was awful. i felt hot and dizzy and my legs ached so much i couldnt sleep. i sipped water between dashes to keep hydrated and by 1.30pm the sickness has stoped so took paracetamol for my head and legs so i could sleep but woke up during the night very sweatyToday i feel really weak even trying to climb the stairs was such an effort,but ive had toast and a yogurt so im hopefully on the mend. i have never felt so ill in years.