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Adie1969 said on 05 February 2012

Hey all, I just want to let people know my story. Six months ago in September I hurt my back although i dont know how. I felt like i had pulled a muscle on my left hand side which gradually developed over a month into debilitating sciatica which went into my calf, foot and toes. I could barely walk or stand without excruciating pain and found myself only being able to lie on my right side for relief. I had to push the doctors every step of the way for pain relief, an MRI and physio. My quality of life changed completely and i was virtually housebound up until about a week and a half ago. The painkillers i was put on were initally co-codamol, low and high strength. This did nothing so went on naproxen, tramadol and evenutally after a recommendation from my physio, amiltriptyline. My MRI showed an old back fracture on l3/l4 and a bit of disc hydration loss but nothing to worry about. I have been referred to the specialist who i see this wednesday. However in the mantime i have been seeing fantastic physio who wouldnt work until after my mri scan, and who decided in her wisdom to give me traction for 10 minutes. The traction appers to have freed up the sciatic nerve. While i am getting twinges if i move awkwardly or if i do too much, it has essentially been reduced by about 80 percent. Its not the end of the road for me as i still have very bad back pain in my lower left lumbar region, hip and groin, and unto the left side of my mid back. However, it is now tolerable for me whereas before i was in despair. I found the painkiller combo of the naproxen, tramadol and amiltriptyline very helpful as while it didnt take the pain away it made it more bearable to get on with trying to live day to day. I hope that i will continue to get better and that the specialist is not ineffectual ;p My point here is push push push your doctors. i was dismissed a couple of times and i kept on at them. I am now taking half the amount of painkllers. Good luck everyone :-)