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montyzoomar said on 04 February 2012

Over the last 40 years I have earned myself a bad back, one morning finding myself completely unable to move. My wife phoned the NHS helpline who told me to get up, move around and take painkillers. The only way I was able to achieve any mobility was to empty the contents of my freezer on to my back until my spine was virtually frozen. I made an appointment with my GP. I think it was three weeks before I could get to see my usual doctor, who informed me that our hospital no longer does X-rays for bad backs and to try some painkillers. As fellow back sufferers will know, after weeks of walking awkwardly the discomfort spreads all over your body, not to mention the digestive problems from taking pain relief. A friend advised that I should go and see a osteopath. In their opinion something in my spine was out of alignment and suggested that I return to my GP with recommendations that an MRI was performed to establish their findings. I gave the letter to my GP who then put in a request for the MRI which was later refused. I was even offered morphine patches for a undiagnosed problem. To date, I have spent the best part of £1,000 just to keep myself mobile with chiropractic treatment. I suspect some time soon we will see a national announcement that back problems are in the decline in the UK – well they will be if they are not being diagnosed and just leaving patients to their own devices.