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tireecoll said on 29 January 2012

My expereience on the Isle of Wight was not good. I rang 111 to tell them I had trouble passing water. I was given a GP appointment at 730PM and wasn't seen until 940PM. The GP told me I had been incorrectly referred to them as given I had urine retention a catheter was needed and that was the job of A and E. I went to the back of the queue and had to wait in considerable discomfort until after midnight before I wa seen. As the clock for both the GP and A and E didn't start until I was referred to each one they could both claim to have met 4 hour waiting time target eeven though I was there for over 6 hours 5 of which were waiting for something to happen. Surely if the 111 staff are medically trained they would know a urinary problem would need a catheter and wshould refer me straight to A and E. By the way I have no complaints about the staff who came into contact with me at the Hospital.