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AlysonW said on 26 January 2012

I had implants in 2004. I started being ill in 2007 - extreme tiredness, hands shaking, anxiety, abcesses in my left breast, pins and needles in my mouth, right arm constantly aching, hot sweats, nightmares, hair falling out the list goes on - My Doctor tells me over and over again that I am suffering from depression, I told him that I feel like something is attaking my immune system, that something is poisoning my system, He tells me it's depression again. So I take the pills he perscribed, and decided to carry on suffering in silence with the worry of him thinking im a hypocondriact.. When all this came out about PIP implants, I thought finally maybe this is the answer as to why. I contacted my clinic straight away and they confirmed I had the PIP implants. I need to know if anyone else has suffered these symptoms. Thank you