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Gill8 said on 21 January 2012

The NHS website states we have a legal right to choose the hospital in which we wish to be treated. I have a brain tumour and want to have surgery at the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery where the neurosurgeon has told me that the longer I put off surgery the more likelihood that I will suffer permanent damage. However I live in Dorset and am told that I have to go to Southampton. I was taken off the waiting list for Southampton when I exercised my right for a second opinion. It is six months since this tumour was discovered and I am not on any waiting list for surgery. My doctor advises I should accept Southampton who previously gave me a time frame well in excess of the 18 weeks between treatment and referral that the NHS pledges. The PCT will only accept an application form for treatment in London from the neurosurgeon in Southampton who clearly is not going to complete it. Am I missing something here? What about my right to choose? Why is it that when someone is feeling stressed and at their most vulnerable they are forced to take on the bureaucracy of the NHS system? I know I am not alone in being denied choices. It appears this is the theory in the NHS but certainly not the practice. I have written to my local MP, the PCT, PALS etc. but in the meantime the tumour is growing.