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pizzaexpress123 said on 19 January 2012

i was diagnosed with i.b.s and chronic fatigue mid last year. it started with pains in the high right side of my abdominal area and the stomach. it was early 09 after a massive binge fest of two months of constant alcohol. i was vomiting and had diarrhoea for the first five days( assuming my bodys clearin the toxins) so the doctors said it was infalmmation of the stomach lining and liver. after 1 course of anti inflammatries they took me in to get an ultrasound and it was clear. the pains where getting worse and iwas nauses quiet alot of thye time(times i was vomiting) so then i was told it was i.b.s at my local surgery. urine, bloods and stool where all checked and all cleared. one thing came up...helicobactor. i was givin antbiotics for it. then back on i.b.s medicines after a few months of medication for i.b.s more symptoms appeared,(non- side affects) headaches, nosebleeds( apperas to be worse than ever, nosebleeds during sleeping), urinating alot more( 12-16 times day), sleeping more than usaul(sometimes cannot be woke, like an unconsious sleep),pins and needles, nail tips going whiter and cracking, shoulder pains(like scrapping), tightness of chest, shooting pains in arm and exhausting/drained of all energy. exercise makes it worse and i am tired very easily( try to run up stairs rather than walk to keep my stamia but im knackered by the time a get to the top) and i dont suffer from stress (although this doesnt help lol) if this is i.b.s(which i am unsure of but takin meds anyway) what else can i do or take to help relieve this pain?