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Aimee1992 said on 21 December 2011

I woke up yesterday morning around 6.00am with the worst stomach pains ever, I knew i was going to be heading to the toilet soon enough and I was right! From 6.10am till 8pm last night I was been sick every hour sometimes even every half hour, I'm 19 and I only weigh 6stone 9lbs which made me feel even worse as I felt so weak and helpless, I don't know how my body coped with all the sickness as just been sick was making me ache even more! I woke up this morning feel a bit better I haven't been sick anymore , I just ache and feel very weak! Right on top of Christmas to what a lovely time to catch such an awful illness! I think this illness should be advertised more especially in winter as it really is a horrid thing to have!