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ill guy said on 18 December 2011

Well i got the symptoms all in one so to speak . I was OK yesterday ( Saturday) . It was in the middle of the night my symptoms came on. Woke up with acid reflux then suddenly realized i felt sick and my stomach was churning . so i made a dash for the bathroom and made it .After i made it to the bathroom all hell broke loose from both ends . Very tricky to do at the same time as i have learnt . Its Sunday night now and iv still got aches and pains in my limbs , i feel sick when i get out of bed but don't actually be sick . iv been drinking plenty of fluids and taken some medicine called Imodium to stop diarrhoea . iv taken two tablets and its kept the diarrhoea at bay for now . I just hope none of my family catch it . Hopefully i feel a little better tomorrow . Remember to wash your hands everyone . Good look .