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HJB1972 said on 18 December 2011

I had been out for tea and thought I had eaten too much. All night my stomach didn't feel right. I had lots of stomach cramps. I took Gaviscon tablets which helped a bit. In the morning I woke up and began being sick (which I rarely do) and had diarrhoea. I then had to go back to bed as I felt so ill, having to get up to be sick and go to the toilet. I also had terrible aches and pains all over and felt very cold then felt hot with a severe headache This really is a nasty bug. Both my parents got it the next day. I now have a very bad cold. I am drinking lots of water and had some rehydration sachets. I do not wish this illness on anyone. I have not felt so ill in my life!!!! I am also 5 months pregnant so was very worried!